Welcome and thank you for your interest in my products and services.  I am Julie Shah, the Founder and President of Heart Soul Organic.    

I feel privileged to be able to live my dream every single day of my life.  Here is my journey to living my AMERICAN DREAM:


I was fortunate to have a memorable and nurturing childhood with my mom and dad in India. Growing up in a large family, everyone was there for each other in happiness and sorrows. After losing my Dad in my teenage years, I was blessed to receive love, care, and support from my Mom, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. They have made an everlasting difference in my life.

It has been my childhood dream to pay it forward and make a difference in peoples' lives. 


As an inquisitive student, I value education, learning, & growing.  I have always had the love & passion for science, math, arts, and inventing formulas from an early age.  After receiving my 5-year Bachelors in Science (BS) from Northeastern University, I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University.  Life seemed to take a predictable road for me of gradually climbing the corporate ladder, which I am profoundly grateful for and cherish. 


I felt that there was more to my life than what I was living.  I was lucky to get the support from my loved ones who always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  With my interest in science and skin care, I decided to change my career path from corporate world to be a licensed skin care therapist, with post-graduate certification in skin care & massage therapy, where I was certified in anatomical education, and various methods of lymphatic drainage, in order to properly treat facials and massages, with an understanding of how each parts of our face, ears, hands, back, and feet are connected to our organs. 


I was shaken to the core when I lost my mom unexpectedly in 2008.  She was my rock, my mentor, my best friend. Her life story has always been a huge inspiration to me.  After I lost my father in my early teenage years, my mom moved to the United States to pursue the American Dream for her kids. Starting with nothing, we built a home in the United States.  She always found joy and fulfillment in giving and helping others regardless of her own circumstances.  A year later in 2009, I was blessed to have a baby girl, who gave me a new purpose and meaning to my life.     

"From the Heart of my daughter and Soul of my mom, Heart & Soul Spa was born."    


My faith gave me the courage to start my Heart & Soul Organic Skincare + Spa.  As the foundation of the spa is based on two women, I support women and businesses, locally and nationwide.  My dream of increasing the confidence of my clients, by prolonging a youthful glow and the ability to love their skin, led me to innovate with my facial and massage formulas.  I started using my own hand-crafted organic skin care products, (not just made with organic ingredients) to give facials and massages to my clients. My clients, who are my biggest supporters, loved my products and encouraged me to come out with my facial line of oils, bath & body massage oil, exfoliation, & mask, in order to touch all lives.  Based on the feedback from my clients, I have expanded my skin care product offering to complete body and skin care system.  

My organic and natural skin care system is Unique as all your daily skin care needs can be met.  For a complete body and skin care ritual, I have three lines of skin care products: 

1) Age Redefinig

2) Sun-Damaged (Also for those with Rosacea, Psoriasis, and Eczema).

3) Balancing

All of my products are inspired from my Indian Heritage,  non-comedogenic and made for various age groups and all skin types.  

These products are Special as they are hand-crafted in the Unites States, handcrafted and authentically organic and natural. They are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and hospital/medical grade. All products are free of cruelty, chemical fillers, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrances/dyes/colors. These are my authentic products.   



My purpose is to empower you by uniting your heart and soul with your body through my holistic approach to skin care.  You are special to me and deserve nothing but the best. With my skin care product line, I want you to love your skin and grow your confidence. This is my way of giving back to you and making a difference in your life, to reach your true potential, meaning, and purpose in life.

I am blessed to be living my AMERICAN DREAM every single day, and you can do the same! 

My daughter has given me a new purpose by letting me love my life again, and I hope my mom and dad are proud and looking down with a smile.

Julie Shah, Founder, Formulator, President, Heart Soul Organic 

5-Year Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) 

Graduated with the top 1% of the nation

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

Post-Graduate Certification and License as the Skin Care Specialist

Licensed Independent Business Owner 


"Julie is passionate about skin care and it shows in her work! She is extremely knowledgeable about the science behind her products. My skin texture, tone and elasticity have improved with the use of her oils. I highly recommend Heart & Soul Spa" 

--- Martha ---


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