I Handcraft & Formulate, in small batches, the highest quality, most authentic skin care products & offer spa services.





My original skin care line:  JIYA AND NINA BEAUTY Collection products, within my Heart & Soul Organic Company, contains no toxic chemicals and essential oils, as in 2009, I got pregnant with my baby girl (Jiya=Heart) and had just lost my mother (Nina=Soul) around the same time. After doing decades of research into skin care, beauty, health and wellness industries, certified organic ingredients, toxic chemicals, and non-toxic chemicals, I invented this line for myself and my baby who was still inside my body. I have been blessed to receive love and support from all of you, and I have continued to formulate and share these original Jiya and Nina Beauty collections and more skincare products to fulfill the needs of my clients. 


I create high performance, revolutionary, cold-pressed, fresh base, skin care products and oil formulations that are obtained through pressing fruits, plants, or seeds, in order to retain all their flavors, aroma, nutritional value, and potency of my organic & natural ingredients, to provide regenerative and healing properties, making my handcrafted products and formulations great for skin care requirements, so that you feel gorgeous and confident in your own skin. I make every product in Closter, New Jersey, USA, with 100% HEART & SOUL. 


My decades of research is based on the toxic chemicals being banned in the European, USA, Canadian, and the worldwide skin care and beauty industry standards. There are over 2,000 toxic chemicals being used in the products. I make sure that there is not a drop of toxic chemical in my products, such as Parabens, Phthalates, Dimethicone, PEG, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, and the rest of over 2,000 chemicals, and no Animal Testing. So, that you are not putting your health at risk, increasing your aging process, and damaging your organs. Don't compromise your health for beauty and beauty for health which is why I've created a new kind of result-based, health, wellness, and beauty company.  


My products are not just made with certified organic ingredients; they are 100% non-toxic, certified organic blends, natural, holistic, vegan, fragrance, and gluten/cruelty free.  There is a big difference between the two.  I have received the proper education, training, and post-graduate skin care certification and license to know how to make & formulate my products authentically with both pH and  formulation balance, so your skin gets the proper amount of daily vitamins and nutrients in the right order. My products are formulated for those who do not compromise what goes onto and into your body. 

To me, they are more than buzz words.  My products are the way of LIFE and way to LOVE.

*LOVE* - Your Self, Your Skin, Your Family 



“The foundation for Heart & Soul was born through courage, purpose, and perseverance.  I had a wonderful childhood with my amazing mom and dad in India.  After my dad passed away in my teenage years, I found my best friend and mentor in my Mom.  I was fortunate to have spent formative years of my life with a kind, loving, caring, and strong woman.  However, I hit my rock bottom when my Mom passed away in 2008.  A year later in 2009, I was blessed with a baby girl, who gave me a new purpose and meaning to life. Like many of you, I have gone through the circle of life. I have come to the realization that when we face adversities in life, nature has a unique way of giving back our strength, meaning, and purpose in life. My Mom always found joy and fulfillment in giving and helping others regardless of her own circumstances.  My goal in life is to follow in my Mom’s footsteps and help you love your skin, grow your confidence, and make a difference in your life to reach your true potential, meaning, and purpose in life.”   

I have poured my heart and soul into formulating my own 100% non-toxic, certified organic blends, ayurvedic, and natural skin care products for the health of your skin. As I am invested in your skin, I provide a personalized skin care treatment plan, thus I encourage you to buy natural skin care products, through my organic skin care online store or by contacting me directly for a complimentary skin analysis and consultation, to provide you with a customized skin care plan.  I work with you and your skin as long as you would like. This mission, vision and philosophy all remain as important for me today as they were the day I created Heart Soul Organic Skincare + Spa.

Heart & Soul is dedicated to my mom and my daughter. My daughter has brought life and love into my world, and I hope my mom and dad are proud and looking down with a smile.    

JULIE SHAH, Formulator, Founder, President, Heart & Soul Organic Skincare + Spa

About Heart & Soul



Skin is the largest organ in our body.   Our aging process begins from the day we are born.  Our face is the window to our world, and it reflects our confidence.  Our purpose is to empower you by uniting your heart and soul with your body through our holistic approach to skin care.   



You are special to us and deserve nothing but the best.  Our products are made with high quality 100% non-toxic, certified organic blends, natural, plant-based ingredients. They are vegan, gluten/cruelty free, and hospital and medical grade. 

All products are free of parabens, chemical fillers, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances/dyes/colors/additives, and alcohol, and the rest of other toxic chemicals.



We promise to meet your individual skin care needs with a customized skin care regimen, so that you LOVE YOUR SKIN, and GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE.   

Our clients have experienced a beautiful glowing change in their skin condition within one to two days of using our products, and for some about a week.  We ask you to use our products and be patient with your skin, as your skin is going through a purging period.  

Our products have been used in our spa services, and by many clients and their families nationwide and internationally. We have the trust and confidence in our product line.  Thus, we have handcrafted the products you can TRUST AND LOVE.  


"Julie's products are AMAZING! I have used so many "scrubs" & exfoliators over the years and they leave my skin dry and thirsty. These products...do just the opposite! The 5-in-1 Facial Oil and Buffmask should be in everyone's skincare routine. Just purchased a new set for myself and two sets as gifts. When I use these products, my skin looks and feels as if I just had a facial. Julie's expertise in the lab and in life with her spa clients make for an absolute win in her development of her skin care line. Really wonderful!"  --- Randi ---      


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